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Couponing – Reasons Why You Should Use Coupons and Deals

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Imagine after shopping for your favorite products and gets to checkout point, the cashier returns about 30% of what you paid for those items because you were offered discount coupons, would you say no to this offer?

I know right.. you wouldn’t, nobody will.

When it comes to online shopping, coupons work exactly the same way as they do in offline shops but not always up to 30% in most cases. Coupons generally make online shopping more fun – according to a recent research, it is reported to boost online shopping satisfaction rate by 11%.

Most product and service companies usually allocate a huge amount of money from their yearly marketing budget to coupons and promos in order to help attract more customers to their business.

These budgets are distributed to their consumers via discount coupons and promotional sales and they’re all yours to take advantage of. In this article, we will be discussing good reasons why you should use coupon in online shopping but first…

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Some Coupon facts and Figures

Number of online coupon users have grown tremendously over the past few years. In 2017, 54.2% of online shoppers were reported to make use of coupons while shopping online, fast forward to 2020, online coupon users have grown to 62.8% (source).

Also compared to a case study in 2011 where U.S. Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) promoters shared coupons worth about $470 billion for daily essential products like clothing, food, household products, beverages and tobacco.

The average coupon code had a discount value of $1.54. Only $4.6 billion worth of coupons were redeemed which is about 1% of the total coupons released. About $465 billion worth of coupons were left unused.

It’s obvious many people don’t know about use of coupons or they think it’s not just worth their time and efforts – these are basically the main reasons why so many online consumers don’t use coupons.

Below are are the top 10 reasons why you should use coupons when shopping both online and offline:

1. Coupons are free and easy to find

A lot of people still think coupons are not free which is a very wrong misconception, coupons are offered for free and can be easily found on coupon and cashback websites.

Let’s say you’re shopping online with Gearbest and you need a working Gearbest coupon to help reduce total cost of your orders, you can just do a little Google search with keywords like “gearbest coupons” or “gearbest discount code” and Google will serve you with lots of available coupons.

If you don’t want to make use of Google search, you can bookmark some coupon websites like iusecoupon and always check back for the latest working coupons from gearbest. You can also find Jumia coupons for Jumia Kenya and more. You can make use of the search box to quickly find your favorite online store coupons.

2. Smart shoppers use coupons

Online coupon users are usually refereed to as smart shoppers and this is for a simple reason;

Smart shoppers understand that it is not just about the money that they may save while doing their online or offline shopping, but rather these little savings can be easily accumulated and invested in some other things.

Likewise based on statistical profiling, more civilized people are more likely going to use coupons than people that are not.

3. Coupons save money on must-have items

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Must-have items are mostly life essential products that we basically can’t do without, with coupons and promo deals, you can easily get these items even when you’re low on budget.

4. Trying out new products will be more convenient with coupon

When you see a new product you would like to try out, you may wonder if it will be worth you’re paying for the product but with a discount coupon, you can conveniently buy the product at a cheaper price just to try it out.

5. Coupons can even get you free items!

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During some special sales events, some coupons that are served in form of promotional deals can land you free items. These promotions are mostly known as “Buy 2 and get 1 free” or something of that sought.

In the Konga Black Friday event, many customers took advantage of this kind of promo and got some free items like blender, Shampoo, Electric cookers and so on.

6. Coupons help manage cost of feeding

Use of coupons can help reduce the cost of canned, packaged groceries that can be purchase in stores and online shops. The money you saved by using coupons can be used to purchase some more local food items and grass-fed meat stocks.

7. There is a coupon for almost everything

In addition to fashion, food, household and personal care products, there are likewise coupons for services like restaurants, travels and hotel bookings, web hosting and even local services. You can grab great discounts on virtually any product or services by applying their available coupons.

8. Coupons make splurging a bit less of it

That moment when you feel like spending extravagantly, searching and applying coupons can help make you spend a little less, saving you some valuable money that can be put into something else.

Let’s say you want to splurge about $2,500 on an expensive television set, using a 10% discount coupon can save you about $250 which is a whole lot.

9. Coupons can help you get the best deals

Making use of available coupons while shopping is one of the guaranteed ways of getting the best deal on what you’re buying. An item might be more expensive in a particular store than the normal price but with the help of a coupon, you can get that product at the best possible price tag.

10. Using coupon is fun.

Saving money while shopping is generally fun and makes shopping more enjoyable, it is more so when the discount is more than half of the initial price of the product.

These kind of discounts are mostly available during special sales even like the Black Friday or Treasure hunts.

Final Words

There is literally no good reason for shoppers not to use coupon while shopping in both online and offline platforms. Couponing should be a mindset that goes much further than just regular savings.

Even the wealthy can’t say no to any money saving opportunities especially when it is offered on a platter of gold. Extreme and regular coupon users can save up to $400 per year by using coupons at every given time.

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Happy savings.

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