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The Price of Internet Around the World with Different Internet Speed

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How many megabytes of internet can you buy with $20 per month and country has the cheapest internet?

Just about 20 years ago, only 4% of the world’s population had access to the internet. Fast forward to 2019, the number of Internet users is around 4.5 billion people, which is 58.8% of the inhabitants on our planet.

Is access to the internet a challenge for the family budget today? Where does it cost less to surf the net? In which countries is the fast internet located? We have studied the price lists of the 233 largest fiber optic internet providers in 63 countries around the world to answer these questions.

Note: This report is based on unlimited internet offerings for residential users excluding television or telephony.

100 Mb / s is enough for basic usage

There are many factors that influence the comfort with which you use the internet. Among them are: Interference in the wireless signal, the load on the network, the nominal speed, the type of connection to the network and also external factors such as the quality of the website visited or its distance from its servers.

According to data from the Speedtest.net platform, the average speed of the cable internet worldwide is 70 Mb / s (December 2019). However, the speed offered most frequently in 55 of the 63 countries on our list is 100Mb / s.

Currently, this speed allows us to surf the Internet using several devices at the same time and seamlessly enjoy streaming services with the highest resolution – 4K (Ultra Hi-Definition).

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internet cost per country around the world

Among the countries on our list, it is the South Africans that pay the most for internet access at a speed of 100 Mb / s, with an average of $87. Norwegians and Icelanders also have to spend quite a lot for fast internet; $68.

Moldova ($9.6 per month), Russia ($7.6) and Ukraine ($6.1) offer internet users the lowest and most affordable internet prices.

It is interesting to note that in countries like Poland, Romania, France and Singapore, domestic providers no longer offer such a low speed. In Poland and Romania the minimum speed is 150 Mb / s, 200 Mb per second in France  and in Singapore it is 500 Mb per second. At the other hand, in Tajikistan, Turkmenistan and Vietnam, the speed of 100 Mb per second is not yet available.

Cosmic speed

The 1Gb / s internet speed allows you to download a 1GB file in just 8 seconds. Currently, it is one of the best options offered in the market. However, we do not seek to demonstrate the utility of this speed. We only analysed the countries where 1Gb / s internet speed is available for residential users and at what price.

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Internet speed on top countries

According to the study, 1Gb / s internet speed is a luxury that many people can’t afford . It should also be noted that in 22 of 44 countries on our list, where providers offer this rate, the monthly cost of such connection exceeds $50.

The most expensive internet speed of 1Gb per second was found in Austria for $216 and Australia for a whooping $227. At the other end is Romania with an internet speed of 1Gb per second at a relatively low price; $8.7 per month.

Internet for $20

We also studied how fast the Internet can be for the equivalent of $20 per month. We excluded some countries like Australia, Brazil, Germany, Switzerland, Chile, Italy, Portugal, USA, South Africa and others where fiber optic internet costs more than $20. The following graph presents the results for each of the countries.

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internet speed per country for $20

The fastest internet speed is available in Poland, Romania, Moldova, India, Hungary, Latvia and Ukraine, where you can enjoy up to 1Gb / s for less than $20 a month . In Russia, you can buy internet at a speed of 890 Mb / s at this price. While in China and Lithuania, it’s only 600 Mb / s you can get at that price.


This report analyzes the price of the internet in 63 countries, including the G20 countries, the largest English or Spanish-speaking countries and those independent from the former Soviet Union.

We took into account the most significant providers of unlimited fiber optic internet or other more advanced technologies in each country. We included prices valid after the promotional period, at the other hand, we omitted offers consisting of packages of various services, such as internet + TV, internet + access to the applications used to play videos, movies and music via streaming, etc. We also exclude local providers that provide services at the regional level or only in selected cities. If the router rent is paid, this amount has also been included. The complete list of countries and providers is available here .

Finally, for the currency conversion, the Google Finance indicators of the month of November 2019 and January 2020 were used.

Public use

Would you like to share our data on the price of internet in Spain and in the world? You can freely use the data and infographics presented in the text for both commercial and non-commercial purposes. We only ask that you indicate the author of the study ( iUseCoupon.com ) along with a link to this subpage.

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