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Technologies That will Impact E-commerce in the New Decade

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Augmented reality

Can you imagine knowing how a garment feels without even trying it on? Or walk through a museum without leaving home? These are just two examples of how augmented reality (AR) is being integrated into companies with the aim of improving the customer experience and getting closer to it. 

According to Hall: “ we are observing that businesses are starting to launch AR devices to the market. I think this will transform the way in which users interact with their environment and with the Internet . ” – Jake Hall, director of mobile applications for Motors.

Natural Language Processing 

Natural Language Processing (NLP) is the area of ​​knowledge of Artificial Intelligence that investigates the form of communication between machines and people through the use of languages, such as French or English. But what is the real utility of NLP?

Ellis answers this question by relating that if well taken advantage of, NLP can become an extremely useful work tool for businesses that have their products on digital platforms. The reason: the NLP will be able to process the external information, analyze it and prepare the descriptions of the product catalog that the company offers through its online environments. The seller should no longer worry about this work, saving time that he can invest in other issues. 

Ellis Luk, mobile product manager.

Mobile Sale 

The rise of tools such as Flutter, which allow to create an infinity of compatible mobile apps both allows to design applications that in addition to being aligned with the business strategy, adapt to the characteristics of the mobile model that each user has. That is why Larry expects that thanks to the flexibility of this new technology, companies will see their mobile commerce grow

Larry McKenzie, software engineer in Portland.

Smart softwares – AlOps 

And if we integrate in a single software all the tools that each of the areas of our business needs? In addition to gaining agility in our processes, Wang predicts that during this 2020 many companies will incorporate intelligent software engineering into their systems, which will help them build, develop and maintain more efficient and sustainable services in the short and long term. 

This innovation will benefit, above all, electronic commerce platforms and businesses with an Internet presence because it will allow them to propose more complex recommendations and with greater value , as they will enhance personalization through more consistent, specialized and automated information.

Hanzhang Wang, member of the Applied Research team. 

Digital Integration 

For its part, Tanaya predicts that in this year SMEs will realize the value of digital commerce in the consumer: “ Companies that learn to combine the traditional purchase process with digital convenience will have more control over the customer experience throughout the purchase process and they will gain greater loyalty both in the purchase made by the consumer through the applications and physically in the store ”.

Tanaya Suveerachainmontain, product manager.

Automated documentation management 

Finally, have you wondered if you would be able to complete the entire process of buying a vehicle online, that is, from the acquisition of the car, to financing or contracting insurance? Well, according to Ron Jaiven this year an improvement of the online shopping  will be experienced, as companies such as car dealers will digitize all their processes in order to offer a greater and better integrated experience 

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