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The CDC (Center of Disease Control) and as well as the WHO (World Health Organization) strongly recommends that everyone wears face masks whether you’re sick or not in order to help prevent further spread of the Corona Virus pandemic.

Restaurants and other businesses are slowly reopening and it could be quite hard to maintain social distancing in some of these places which is why face mask essential.

Studies show that people without the virus can contribute to it spread (known as asymptomatic) as much as the people with virus. People with the virus but yet to experience the symptoms can as well spread the virus to people which is called presymptomatic.

Although face masks may not entirely prevent you from contracting the Corona virus, they are believed to slow the spread and reduce the possibility of a second COVID-19 wave that could hit the world.

How Does Face Masks Work?

People with the Corona virus can easily send droplets with the COVID-19 virus into the air when they cough, sneeze or even talk. A basic face mask is designed to cover the nose and mouth against virus-filled air particles.

The face mask also helps to prevent you from regularly touching your nose and mouth because the virus can also be transmitted through touching a contaminated area and conveying it into your body via the mouth or nose openings.

People already with the virus are likewise recommended to wear face masks because it to curb the release of particles and droplets that are filled with the Corona virus in to the air when they talk, cough or sneeze.

What to consider while buying a face mask

When going for a non-medical face mask, it is important to look out for the ones that can be easily folded and carry about in your pulse or pocket. Choosing a mask with comfortable design is also important so you won’t always have to readjust the mask while in public.

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Make sure the face mask is wide enough to cover your face and mouth, the more tight the mask is, the more efficient it will be at preventing virus-filled particles. However, it shouldn’t be too tight to avoid hurt parts of your face.

Also look out for reusable face masks, the ones that are made from cotton materials are recommended in this case. They can easily be washed and reused, it also advised to wash a newly face mask before using it and having multiple face masks will help ensure you always have a clean one at hand.

Below is a list of our hand-picked face masks with great fashion rhyme and cheap price tags

KZ-3022 Cotton Face Mask

kz-3022 cotton face mask

This face mask is made from cotton material with different designs to go with, it is simple and a good fit for both men and women.

Ice Cotton Mask

Ice Cotton Mask

Made from a well reusable cotton, this mask has a great design which makes it standout from other face masks on this list. It has a thickened sunscreeen dust-proof respirator also affordable.

KN95 Disposable mask

This is a disposable and non-medicated mask with safety filtration that is well designed to keep all forms of dust particles away.

Xiaomi Mijia Face Mask

Xiaomi Mijia Face Mask

The Xiaomi face mask is probably designed for the gadget lovers and also to strictly prevent polluted air from getting to the nose and mouth. It comes with a 550 mAh rechargeable batteries and air filters.

Adults Cotton Face Mask

Adults Cotton Face Mask

This face mask is specifically designed for adults, it comes with breathing valve PM2.5 and a carbon filter for maximum protection.

KN95 Protective Mask

KN95 Protective Mask

Using a PM2.5 breathing valve, this face mask well crafted to effectively protect you from the virus and also to look nice on you. It is no-medical and has six layers of protection.


Wearing of face mask is an additional preventive measure against the Corona virus pandemic if well practiced. However, you should also observe other preventive measures like; avoid unnecessary touching of surfaces, hand shakes, public gatherings. You can get additional discounts on these face masks by applying the latest Gearbest coupon codes here.


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