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Loop Launches in United Kingdom, Partners With Tesco

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Loop is a sustainable e-commerce company that packages products in containers that are basically designed for easy reuse. For example, food orders will be delivered to the customers in reusable containers.

After the products have been consumed, the containers will be packed in a tote bag for the company to pick them up. They will now clean and refill the containers and send them out again.

Loop is getting ready to launch this service in the United Kingdom before the end of this month. From the 26th of March, the service will be available to 5,000 early consumers.

Partnership with Tesco

Loop has moved to partner with Tesco Supermarket later this year, a partnership that will make Loop products available in both physical and online stores of Tesco.

The online orders made through the Tesco website will be delivered by the supermarket chain. We are yet to confirm how Loop planned to deliver their orders before the partnership with Tesco takes place.

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