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Konga Vouchers: Get Up to 60% Discount with These Konga Promos

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Konga is a popular online shopping site in Nigeria that covers products from many categories like fashion, food and groceries, phones, computers, home appliances, electronics and a host of others.

In a quest to improve online shopping experience and encourage more online shopping in Nigeria, Konga is offering various promotion deals where customers can get good discounts.

Konga Daily Deals offer is one of the promotions whence you can get discount offers of up to 40% off on various select product on the page. This quite similar to the Jumia Flash Sales page and Jumia Deals of the day.

Aside from using Konga coupons that are available on the Konga coupon page, below are some Konga Promos to help you save more.

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1. Konga Daily Deals (Up To 40% Off)

konga daily deals

At the Konga Daily Deals page, there is a host of cool offers with amazing discounts. The products listed here are from all categories ranging from electronics, home appliances, smartphones, fashion products and many others.

Deals on this page are time limited and valid for about 30 or more days. Due to high level of discounts, the items can easily sell out within short period of time.

You can take advantage of this promo by just visiting the Konga Daily Deals page, scroll through the available products to find the one you want to buy and then checkout. No coupon codes are needed for the discount to apply.

2. Konga Free Shipping

konga free shipping deals

Konga often offers free shipping for some select products available for all customers nationwide. These items include products from Fashion, Mobile phones, Home appliances, Game consoles, Computers, Electronics and many other.

The Konga Free Delivery only covers for orders from N20,000 and above and only Free Shipping eligible products. You can have these items delivered right to your doorstep at any location in Nigeria with no extra costs.

Free shipping tend to be more prominent during special sales events like Konga anniversary sale, Konga Black Friday (Konga Yakata), etc but you can take advantage of eligible products at any time, check them out below..

3. Konga Clearance sales

With the Konga Clearance Sales, you don’t need to wait for seasonal events like the Konga Yakata (Black Friday) to enjoy big discounts on Konga.

Clearance Sale as the name implies, is literally the clearing of their warehouse to help reduce excess inventories, old stuck, low-in-demand products or even unpopular products.

In this case, the price of these items are drastically reduced to encourage people to quickly buy them off. Below are Konga Clearance sale pages for different categories;

  • Beauty, Health & Personal Care Clearance Sales (up to 40% Off) – See offers
  • Women’s Wear Clearance Sales (up to 68% Off) – See offers
  • Women’s Fashion Clearance Sales (up to 54% Off) – See offers
  • Men’s Accessories Clearance Sales (up to 48% Off) – See offers
  • Men’s Fashion Clearance Sales (up to 50% Off) – See offers

4. Konga Leap Year Deals 2020

konga leap year deals

The Konga Leap Year Deals promo is a seasonal promotion that is available only on leap years and with 2020 being a leap year, the Leap Year deals’ page has been activated with various cool offers.

This year being a leap year means that the month of February will be ending on the 29th and on this day, Konga will be be offering the best deals on some limited stocks.

These deals includes offers from various categories like Home and Kitchen, Baby care products, Computers, Electronics, Automobiles and so on. Follow the link below to checkout these deals.

5. Konga Yakata (Black Friday)

Konga Yakata was popularly known as Konga Fall Yakata, it is basically there own name for the Black Friday shopping event. The Konga Yakata event avails a large number of mouth-watering deals to their customers in Nigeria.

It is definitely their biggest sales event of the year where you can get huge discount offers of up to 80% across various categories from smartphone, electronics, computer, fashion items, kids toys, game and more.

The official starting date for Konga YAKATA or Black Friday sales is 11th November to 12th December of every year.

Many smart shoppers use this opportunity to shop discounted items in bulk and others do their Christmas shopping during the Konga Yakata event.

Deals to expect during this event;

  • Treasure Hunt – A valuable product with up to 98% discount will be hidden a totally unrelated category, you’ll have to be smart, fast and very lucky to find these item.
  • More free shipping for eligible items
  • Flash sale deals
  • Free Vouchers for select product.
  • Social Media Giveaway and host of others

6. Use KongaPay To Get First Time Discount

KongaPay is an online payment system from Konga. You can get up to N2,000 discount when you pay with KongaPay for the first time.

You just have to select KongaPay as your desired payment option during checkout then complete your payment but first, you need to have an active KongaPay account. Click the the link below to register for free.

How To Get More Discount on Konga with Coupons

Konga leverages different promotional method to build trust and attract more customers around the country just like every other eCommerce stores in Nigeria.

Occasionally offering Konga coupons and vouchers is one these methods of promotion. Vouchers and coupons are basically the same in the aspect of giving the user a discount.

The little difference is that vouchers can be used once by one customer and usually not gotten free, while coupons can be used by many customers more than once and can be gotten for free from various coupon sites like iUseCoupon.com.

Speaking of coupons, Konga has good number of coupons which can be found here. Below is how you can easily use or apply Konga coupons.

How To Use Konga Coupons or voucher

  1. While on the chechout page, click on “Add a Voucher / Gift Card”
  2. Paste your coupon or voucher code then click apply.
  3. Coupon applied successfully means the coupon or voucher code is valid and your order has been discounted.
  4. You can now proceed to pay for the item.

Final Words

Konga is a very extensive online shopping site that has both their old and new customers in mind, offering good number of promotions to help make their online experience worthwhile.

You can utilize the above mentioned money saving tips to save money while shopping on Konga. Use the comment section to let us know of other money saving tips that we haven’t mentioned.

Happy saving!

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