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IKEA Partners with Alibaba to Boost Online Sales

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Alliance between the Swedish company and the Asian giant furniture maker Ikea has kicked off meaning that they will now be selling online through Tmall, the Chinese group’s ecommerce platform.

They will sell their products online for the first time on third-party platforms, although they won’t market their entire catalog.

Ikea has entered a partnered with Alibaba in an attempt to reach more Asian customers, and they will purportedly market more than 3,800 products through Tmall in their first phase.

This decision was made when the company is still undergoing the greatest transformation of its business model, which has been maintained for the past 77 years.

Jon Abrahamsson Ring, new CEO of Inter Ikea considers the initiative to be ” a test ” and one of the many measures he is taking in his transformation process.

Although not directly, Ikea products are sometimes sold on marketplaces like Amazon and this fact has encouraged the company to step forward. Last year, Inter Ikea executives ruled out the sale on Amazon, considering that the challenges of this sale were greater than expected.

However, they have remained faithful to its intention of digitizing the company and changing the business model that has accompanied them for the past 77 years and for the course of this change, the company has chosen Alibaba as a partner.

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