Jumia Flash Sales: Biggest Discounts on Jumia Deals

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Jumia Flash Sale is definitely one of the best promotion on Jumia, this is where you find a host of goods at greatly reduced price tags which only last for a short period of time.

There are usually no available site-wide Jumia coupon codes for getting discounts but with the Jumia Flash Sale promo, you can get goods at discounted prices everyday.

So what’s the catch?

Jumia Flash Sale is only available on Jumia mobile app only, you can easily download the app via the Jumia app page here.

The quantity of products listed in the Flash Sale page is limited, so it’s more like a first-come-first serve thingy. Products are selected from different categories ranging from Home appliances, Electronics, Cell phones, Fashion and others.

Jumia Flash Sale is worth looking out for because of the level of discount you can get with this promo. In most cases, the prices are reduced by half or even more.

Below is a screenshot of some of the deals you can get with the Jumia Flash Sale…

jumia flash sale deals

Most of the items are usually sold out within a short period of time and when all the selected products are sold out, new products that have been voted via the Jumia Vote will go live on flash sale.

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How To Take Advantage of Jumia Flash Sale Promo

Here are five ways to ensure you get the best out of the Flash Sale promotion from Jumia;

  • The Flash sale promo is only available on the Jumia mobile app so make sure to have the app installed, click here to download.
  • Visit the Jumia official Flash Sales page to see available deals, upcoming deals and time of the next flash sale.
  • Be an early bird; most of the products are limited and will likely sell out fast.
  • Order items as soon as you cart them; adding a product to your cart haven’t secured it to you, they can still get sold out.
  • Participate in voting; This will help ensure that the products you want to buy are featured on flash sale, more on that below.

What is Jumia Vote and How Do I Get Featured?

Let’s say you have been wanting to get a discount on a particular product you want to buy from Jumia, in the absence of any Jumia code, the best way you can achieve this is by voting for the product to be listed on flash sale via Jumia Vote.

The Jumia Vote allows for each and every one to vote for their favorite products to be offered at a discount price through the Jumia Flash sale promotion.

Below is a screenshot of what the Jumia Vote looks like;

jumia flash sale deals voting

You can participate in the Jumia Vote with these simple steps:

  • Visit Jumia Voting web page here (for Nigeria).
  • Vote for the products you want to be listed on flash sale by clicking the “CLICK TO VOTE” button and you’re done.

PS: You can vote as many products as you wish. After a certain period of time, voting will end and products with the highest votes will be part of the next Jumia Mega Flash Sales on set date.

Key Things To Note About Jumia Flash Sales

  1. Selected products are offered to the public at highly subsidized prices by Jumia. Discount level can be as high as 90% off depending on the offer
  2. The number of products are of a limited quantity.
  3. Jumia Flash sales go live at a specified time.
  4. Flash sales are only available on the Jumia App.
  5. Flash sales are usually limited to one item per customer.
  6. As selected products are popular and of limited quantity, you can expect them to sell out very quickly.
  7. Flash sales typically sell out in seconds.
  8. Finding an item and adding it to your cart is no guaranty that you will be able to checkout with it before others.
  9. Bear in mind that tens of thousands of people are on the same page trying to buy the same product.
  10. It’s really a case of the fastest fingers first.
  11. You need to be super quick with your phone and on a fast and stable internet connection to buy a flash sale.
  12. Jumia reserves the right to cancel orders it deems as fraudulent.
  13. Jumia reserves the right to change products offered for flash sales.

Final Words

Apart from other Jumia promotions like the Jumia Black Friaday 2020, the Jumia Flash Sale promo is great and really worth trying out, it is free and any can easily participate, you just need to have the Jumia mobile app installed and then regularly check out the flash sales page for available deals.

This is a very nice and easy way of getting discount and saving money while shopping online on Jumia without using coupons. It can also be fun and engaging as well.

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