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How to Use Gearbest Coupons and Promo Codes

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If you’re on this page then you probably know and shop online from Gearbest or on the verge of shopping online via their platform but you need to know how you can get and apply coupons from Gearbest.

Coupons are not just for smart shoppers or price conscious consumers, getting discounts with coupons and promo codes is one of the good sides of online shopping.

In this article, we will look at what Gearbest coupon is, why you should always take advantage of it, How to get Gearbest coupons and of course; how to use it.

So we’re starting with the most basic question but you can jump to any section of this article using the table of content below;


What is Gearbest coupon?

Gearbest coupon is simply a code you can apply while checking out on Gearbest, if the coupon code is valid, you’ll get a certain amount of discount on your order.

The coupon can either be;

  • Sitewide coupon – which means you can use it to get overall discount on all your items at once
  • Category coupon – This type of coupons only apply for a particular product category on Gearbest
  • Product coupon – These coupons are only designated for getting discount on a particular product.

Coupons are always in form of a code or word say “TWITTER17” or “BCG10TTU”. Coupons can also be regional which means it is only available for people in a particular region or country.

Aside from using coupon codes, you can also get discount via promotional sales or discount offer from Gearbest that doesn’t require any code. More on this will be discussed later.

Coupons can also be printable which can be redeemed in offline stores. When it comes to offline shopping, the customer needs to take the printed to coupon to the shop for redemption.

An example of a printable coupon can be seen after the cut;

gearbest printable coupon

Gearbest Coupon Not Working

When a Gearbest coupon code fails to give you a discount after applying, it could be for the following reasons;

  • The coupon code may have expired or not valid at all
  • The coupon might not be available for people in your region or country
  • May not be used for the products you’re purchasing
  • The coupon has exceeded its maximum allocated number of usage.

How do I get Gearbest coupons?

You can get Gearbest coupons by searching through coupon or cashback websites like,, and others for available Gearbest coupon codes.

You can also get coupons from Gearbest by earning G Points and exchanging the points for a discount code. Read more about G Points here.

How to Use Gearbest Coupons

You can use or apply Gearbest coupons with the steps below;

  1. Add your desired products to cart and continue to checkout
  2. While on the Gearbest checkout page, paste in your coupon code in the space provide and click apply.
  3. Your order will be automatically discounted if the coupon code you applied is valid

how to use gearbest coupon

Get Discounts with Gearbest Promo Deals

Even when there are no available Gearbest coupon codes, you can take advantage of several Gearbest promo deals to save more while shopping with. They have promotions running at virtually every time of the year.

These offers are mostly seasonal like Black Friday, Gearbest 11.11 sale promo, Cyber Monday, Gearbest Treasure hunt, Flash sales, Time special offers, Gearbest anniversary sales and so on.

Our co-editor – Henry Ndubuisi was able to grab a $249 Honor phone for just $135 plus various other great deals during the last year’s Gearbest 11.11 sales promo.

You can also check out these top Gearbest promotions that can help you save more while shopping on Gearbest even without using coupon.

Why use coupon when shopping online?

There are good number of reasons on why you should use coupons when shopping online but the most basic of them all is getting your desired products at a cheaper price.

You can basically bargain with an ecommerce store over a product you want to purchase but you can get discounts using their available coupon codes.

Most retailers offer coupons to attract customers and most online and offline shoppers take advantage of these free offers to get the items they want at the lowest possible price.

Final words

Gearbest has quickly grown to become one of the best Chinese online shopping sites in the world since their business kicked off back in 2014. Headquartered in China, the store has a very wide selection products at affordable prices.

Featured on their platform are products from a wide range of categories ranging from Mobile phones, Home appliances, Outdoor gadgets, Fashion, Retro toys, Car products, Hand tools, Computers, Fashion accessories and many other life essential products.

There are over a million quality products on Gearbest with what they call “rock bottom prices”. One can easily agree to this as their prices are quite very competitive.

They best part of shopping with Gearbest is not only that they offer worldwide delivery, but they also cheap shipping options via post mails and expedite shipping for customers that want fast delivery.

According to the Chinese ecommerce store, they ship out thousands of orders to over 200 countries and regions on a daily basis.

What to know more ways of saving money while shopping on Gearbest, see these 7 Gearbest money saving tips you easily take advantage of.

Hopefully, you have been able to get a clear understanding of what Gearbest coupon code is from this post and how you can easily use or apply them while checking out.

Have you taken park in any Gearbest promotional sales and were you able to get any discounts? Share with us in the comment below.

Happy savings!

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