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7 Tips on Getting Discount and Saving Money on Gearbest

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Getting discounts and saving money while you conveniently shop on Gearbest and other ecommerce stores is one of the things that makes online shopping more enjoyable.

Ecommerce is growing at an incredible rate every year which means most people now prefer shopping online than going to the stores, availability of good discount coupons and convenience are two of the major reasons for this.

When it comes to online shopping, Gearbest has gradually become one of the best Chinese ecommerce websites in the world, headquartered in China, the store has a very wide selection products at affordable prices.

They sell products from different categories ranging from Mobile phones, Home appliances, Outdoor gadgets, Fashion, Retro toys, Computers and many more and they ship to almost every country in the world.

Today we will be discussing 7 tips that will help you save more money while shopping with Gearbest, without wasting any more time, let’s get to it…

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1. Subscribe To Gearbest Newsletters

One of the best ways to save money on Gearbest is to get first hand information about their latest promotions and flash sale deals.

Subscribing to Gearbest email newsletter is probably the best way to make sure you’re up to date with their latest offers, promotions and great shopping event with great discount deals.

You can also follow their social pages on Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and other media platforms. Special offers are posted on daily and weekly basis.

2. Use Coupons Site

Taking advantage of coupons sites can be the best way of saving money while shopping online, this also saves you the time you might spend on searching for available coupons for numerous online shopping sites.

Although there are many sites offering Gearbest discount codes, provides the latest and working gearbest coupon codes you can’t get any where else via their Gearbest coupon and promo page.

You can also consider [popup_anything id=”1260″] to receive the latest discount codes and promo deals from Gearbest and other various online shopping sites delivered to your inbox.

3. Earn Discounts with G Points

3.1 What are G Points?

G Points or Gearbest Points are virtual points that you can earn by simply completing various activities on Gearbest such as purchasing items, posting reviews, and giving feedback. The points are immediately credited to your account once you any of the tasks.

Points received through purchases are valid for 180 days; other types of points are valid for 30-90 days (depending on the situation). You can check the validity period in “My Points”.

3.2 How to use G Points

Before you can start using your G Points to receive discounts, you need to have at least 50 points and a minimum of 1 point can be used on purchases. 50 points can give you a maximum discount of $1.00.

But However, the discount from the points cannot exceed 30% of the item sub-total cost. You can use up to 2,500 points to receive a maximum discount of $50.

Points can be exchange for cash discount during checkout but cannot be used together with a discount coupon.

Below are few ways to earn points on Gearbest;

  • Submit Order Feedback – 5 Points
  • First time you subscribe to Newsletter – 50 points
  • Post Reviews with Videos for purchase items – 50 points
  • Register to be a member of Gearbest – 10 points
  • Post Text Reviews for purchased items – 10 points
  • Post Reviews with Photos and Videos for purchased items – 70 points
  • First time you upload your Profile Picture in “My Account” – 20 points
  • Post Reviews with Photos for purchased items – 20 points
  • Recommended videos on our video community – 50 points

4. Take Advantage Of Gearbest Promo Deals

As you may already know, Gearbest has a ton of promotions running at almost every period of the year, these promotions and flash sale deals ban be a nice way of getting cool discounts.

These offers are mostly seasonal like Black Friday, Gearbest 11.11 sale promo, Cyber Monday, Gearbest Treasure hunt, Flash sales, Time special offers and so on.

For example; during their last year’s 11.11 sales promo, I was able to grab a $249 Honor phone for just $135 plus various other great deals I was able to close in on.

We have recently analysed the top 6 Gearbest promotions that can help you save more even without using coupons.

5. Make Use Of Their App

Off course, every ecommerce store loves their app and wants you to make use of it, that’s essentially their primary reason for creating the app and making function seamlessly.

In order to encourage more app usage, most online shopping sites tend to offer special discounts and offers that are exclusively available for only their app users.

Gearbest has a good number of app exclusive deals that you can take advantage of by just downloading and using their mobile app, plus the app can instantly notify you when there are new promo offers you can snatch.

You can download Gearbest app via the link below;

6. Compare Prices

Gearbest is a big marketplace with different sellers of the same product. Different sellers or stores selling on Gearbest may tend to sell at lower prices in other to beat other sellers.

In order to avoid buying from sellers with hiked prices, we advice that you research different sellers of the product you want to buy and compare their prices.

Also read product description carefully and checkout seller rating and comment to avoid buying from seller or stores with low quality products.

7. Use Extensive Gearbest Search

When you feel like you’re not getting the best price offers on the products you’re searching for, it might be that you’re just not searching deep enough.

Making use of extensive search and search filters while looking for an item on Gearbest can be tedious but at the same time very handy. The best offer for that particular product could be buried deep down on third page of the search result, so you just have to take your time to find it.

Final Words

It is important to note that saving money doesn’t always mean buying the cheapest product available, you should also take note of the item you’re buying and ensure to go through it’s description properly.

Also try to read user reviews of the item you want to purchase to make sure the product quality is as the seller has described.

Gearbest can be a wonderful site for online shopping if you employ the best shopping techniques. Here are 10 online shopping tips to help you make sure you get what you paid for.

We sincerely hope these tips on how you can save money on Gearbest are of great help to you.

Happy Saving!

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