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How to Use Jumia Coupon and Everything you Need to Know

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Lots of online shoppers are using Jumia coupons to save big when shopping online with Jumia. If you are not, then you’re really missing out on huge savings?

Jumia coupons are quite easy to find on the web and the best part is that there are lot’s of them. Today we are going to learn all there is to know about Jumia coupon, including types of coupons, how to find them and off course; how to use them while checking out.

Jumia has grown to be one of the biggest ecommerce stores in Nigeria and across Africa as a whole with great presence in top African countries with the fastest growing ecommerce.


Types of Jumia Coupons

There are basically three types of coupons and the case is the same when it comes Jumia;

  • Sitewide coupon – These are coupon codes that you can use to get overall discount on all your orders on Jumia.
  • Category coupon – This coupon will apply for only a particular product category on Jumia, it could be for Fashion or Electronics and won’t work for other categories.
  • Product coupon – These are coupons that were only created for a particular product. Your order will only be discounted if you’re buying this particular product.

Coupons are always in form of a code or word like “JAFF8OFF” or “BLACKFRIDAY”. They can also be regional which means it is only available for people in a particular region or country.

How do I get coupon code on Jumia

You can get Jumia coupons by searching through coupon websites for available Jumia coupons, there are tons of sites that have Jumia coupons listed so getting around this task might be quite a hassle.

Jumia coupon codes are created by the companies and it is mostly during big or small sales event like Jumia Black Friday, Jumia tech week and others.

Here at, we have organised and listed the latest working Jumia coupons for various countries which includes; Jumia Egypt, Jumia Nigeria, Jumia Morocco, Jumia Kenya, Jumia Ghana, Jumia Cote d’ivoire.

You just have to browse these pages for all the latest Jumia coupons and offers based on your country. You can browse coupons by category and also by using the available search box.

How to Use Jumia Coupon

Applying Jumia coupon is quite easy, below are the steps for doing so…

  1. The first thing you need to do is to copy the coupon you want to use.
  2. Head over to Jumia, look for the products you want to buy, add them to cart and proceed to check out
  3. On the checkout page, you will see a field to enter the coupon or voucher code that you have copied. Paste in this code and click the “Add voucher” button.

how to use jumia coupon and voucher

If it returns a success message then your coupon or voucher code is valid and your order has been discounted. You can then proceed to the payment page to complete your purchase.

How can I get free jumia vouchers

You can get Jumia vouchers from sites or companies that offer to pay, gift or compensate you via voucher codes. Jumia coupons on the other hand are gotten for free from Jumia or coupon and cashback sites as we explained above.

Jumia vouchers may be technically different from Jumia coupon although they literally mean the same thing. Jumia vouchers are also used for getting discounts on Jumia but are not always gotten for free.

Jumia Coupon or Voucher is Not Working

Their are various reasons as to why Jumia coupon or voucher code might not be working, below are the most common reasons;

  • The coupon code may have expired or not valid at all which is the commonest reason
  • The coupon might not be available for you or people in your region or country, some coupons are only targeted for only new customers.
  • It may not be applicable for the product(s) you’re purchasing
  • The coupon may have exceeded its maximum allocated number of usage.

Purpose of Jumia Coupon

The primary purpose of a coupon is for getting discount and saving while shopping online or offline. Jumia offers coupons and some other promotional to boost online shopping experience in Africa and also to attract more online shoppers.

Regular use of coupons while shopping will save you a lot of money, they might seem small but when accumulated, you will realize how big the small savings are.

Do Jumia Coupons Expire

As it is with every other coupons out there, Jumia coupons and voucher codes do expire. Their expiry date is basically decided by the creator of the code and it is always indicated to the purported users of this coupons.

jumia coupon expiry date


We believe we have cleared most questions about Jumia coupons and voucher codes above. You can let us know if there are clarifications you would like us to make as regards to Jumia coupons or coupons in General, don’t hesitate to let us know via comment section.

Aside from that, you can proceed to grab more discount with Jumia coupons, happy savings!

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