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Ecommerce Grows by 73.7% due to the Coronavirus

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E-commerce records historical data, with a growth of 73% during the second week of August, according to data that was provided by Nielsen.

The online consumer market has exploded and this can be attributed to the Coronavirus pandemic that has affected the world. The pandemic has also led to a 26.3% increase in Africa’s ecommerce according to research by

The rapid spread of the COVID-19 resulted to a partial and complete lock down around the world to help curb the spread which means both supermarket and restaurants have been shut down leaving the online market as the only available source for food, medicine and other life essentials.

ecommerce growth due to coronavirus by 73

When it comes to food and items, the most demanded products have been alcoholic beverages, snacks (chips, nuts and so on) and food related to pastries (flour, yeast…).

However, many young people and adults are spending more time playing video games during the COVID-19 lock down, which is why one of the best-selling products, on Amazon is the ‘Gaming Logitech G332’ headphones, according to sources from Amazon itself.

And regarding gymnastics, which is becoming a staple this quarantine, with more and more followers, one of the products that is being marketed the most are “Comba Amazon Basics” in addition to other gadgets such as exercise bikes or treadmills and WalkingPad.

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