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Chinese New Year will increase card payments of Chinese tourists in Spain by 22%

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On January 25, the Chinese New Year is widely celebrated in China which welcomes the year of the rat. During the celebrations, which will last until February 16, more than 224,372 people who make up the Chinese community residing in Spain, together with the Chinese tourists who are expected to arrive in the country on the occasion of their holiday for this holiday. Spending On payments made by card is expected to reach an average of 22% more than in the previous year .

This follows from a study prepared by UniversalPay , a physical and digital payment company, that has analyzed the card costs that Chinese customers make in Spanish establishments during the celebration of the Chinese New Year. The average ticket per operation will be around 240 euros, compared to the 196 euros that were registered the previous year.

The most benefited sectors will be catering, electronic equipment, textiles and supermarkets . However, it is the textile sector that accumulates the largest number of operations and the highest average ticket is registered in perfumeries, with 715 euros on average.

The celebration of the Chinese New Year in Spain shows that Asian citizens take advantage of their vacations to travel within our borders since there is a high volume of business in travel agencies and hotels.

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From UniversalPay, Jaime Domingo, CEO of the company , points out that “it is essential that Spanish merchants adapt their POS to Asian UnionPay cards to favor the process of payment of oriental customers who make most of their purchases by card, favoring its consumption in our country

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