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Research: Black Friday Shopping in Europe – Popularity and More

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The Friday after Thanksgiving is now popularly referred to as “Black Friday”. Thanksgiving always falls on the fourth Thursday of November. And so, people use the following Friday as a good shopping day to make their first Christmas shopping.

The Black Friday came into place Europe around 2006 and since then, it has been quite memorable for most shoppers, there are loads of mouth-watering deals and discount coupons during this period.

iUse Coupon has conducted a survey among it’s users to better understand how most people in the top European countries see and respond to Black Friday. The survey took into consideration the differences in age, psychological level and among others.

Black Friday in Europe…

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The Black Friday is more popular in United Kingdom as 98.36% of their respondents (1,436 people) indicated, it is also very popular in Spain, 96.57% of the total participants in Spain (986 people) agreed they know about Black Friday.

Black Friday is still less popular in Germany, only 90.84% of the German respondents (1,092 people) knows about Black Friday. Also

Black Friday seems to be more popular among the middle aged; 96.47% (1,993) of respondents aged between 25 – 34 years knows about the great shopping event.

How many people plans to go shopping on Black Friday?

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We also wanted to know how much they planned to spend during this period so we grouped them into three categories;

  • Small Spenders – People that plan to spend not more than €100
  • Medium Spenders – Only spending between €100 to €300
  • Big Spenders – Planned to spend  more than €300

Out of 1,202 total respondents in Germany, only 702 said they have plans to shop on Black Friday, out of these 702 people, only 21 people (2.99%) are big spenders. 493 (70.22%) people will only spend not more than €100 while 188 (26.78%) of the Germans are medium spenders.

More people have good plans for Black Friday in United Kingdom, out 1,460 total UK participants, 1,073 are ready to go on shopping spree. UK also has highest number big spenders on Black Friday: 67 people (6.24%) while 260 people (24.23%) plan to spend moderately.

In Spain, out of 1,021 participants, only 609 (59.76%) people have shopping plans for the Black Friday. 435 (71.43%) out of these people doesn’t want to spend more €100. 143 (23.48%) of them plans to spend moderately while 31 people (5.09%) plans to spend much.

The Italians also has big spenders when compared to the rest, 32 people (5.13%) out of the 604 people that plans to shop are big spenders. Small spenders are 413 people (66.19%) while medium spenders are 179 people (26.69%)

France generally has good number of people that have shopping plans on Black Friday; 810 (62.89%) of 1,288 people. The population that wants to spend big bucks is low with only 28 of them. France has more medium spenders with 26.79% (217 people) and 69.75% (565 people) in the small spenders category.

What Products are Selling More on Black Friday?

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Out 6,126 total participants, only 62.33% (3,818) of them said they have plans to shop on Black Friday. Small spenders are more with 69.46% (2,652). Only 179 (4.69%) people plans to spend more than €300 on Black Friday while 987 (25.85) budget €100 to €300 for the big shopping event.

Cosmetics and fashion categories are the two top sellers on Black Friday, with more than 68% of our respondents interested in these products. Food followed suit with 29.04%, see the full list below;

  • Cosmetics: 36.34%
  • Fashion & accessories: 32.30%
  • Food: 29.04%
  • Home & garden: 28.26%
  • Sports & Leisure: 26.55%
  • Home appliances: 23.76%
  • Watch & jewelries: 21.58%
  • Film discs & DVD: 19.72%
  • Video games & Consoles: 19.57%
  • Smartphones & Computers: 19.41%


During the beginning of February and ending of October 2019, 6,126 people from Europe were surveyed in a total of 5 countries which includes United Kingdom, Spain, Italy, Germany and France, where the tradition of Black Friday shopping is very present. Finally, the indicators for the month of January 2019 were used to convert the currency.

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