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8 Best Home Gym Equipment You Can Get Online Now

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We know how challenging it can be to remain calm and grounded, especially in a time when the world is uncertain with many things out of control.

It will definitely make a positive impact on our body both mentally and physically if we can make out some time to move and exercise our body while we stay safe at home.

For this to be possible, we will surely need some home gym equipment. That not withstanding, we have analyse some of the best gym equipment for carrying out your own gym routine or participating in virtual classes.

8 Bests Deals for At-Home Gym Equipment

1. Non-slip Yoga Mat – $26.24 on Banggood

yoga mat home gy equipment

This yoga mat is made of high-grade NBR foaming material which is set to provide a stable, cushioned surface with a natural rubber-like hand feel.

The mat is said to offer all the support and comfort you need for proper alignment and yoga exercise. It is also heat and water resistant and can be used anywhere.

Textured front and back add strength for ultra tear resistance and increase grip on smooth floors. Soft and Extra Thick, can be rolled and stored in compact spaces.

2. EMS Wireless Electric Muscle Stimulator – $10.99 on Gearbest

abdominal stimulator home gym equipment

The EMS Wireless Electric Muscle Stimulator is a smart fitness abdominal training equipment, it has a high quality PU material, close to your skin, good touch and non-toxic.

It can occupy 20 x 20 Training area and up to 8 groups of abdominal model design. Strengthen your muscles and keep you in good shape without having to lift a finger.

This smart trainer comes with 6 different training modes, it will automatically stop after 12 minutes when you forget to turn off the power supply.

3. Abdominal Wheel Roller – $23.99 on Gearbest

abdominal wheel roller home gym equipment

This is a single wheel tire with Pp + tpr material that is wear-resistant. The abdominal trainer is well designed with tire imitation texture and slip resistant; it will neither hurt you nor the floor.

The equipment has an intelligent rebound feature, it rebounds to achieve tight state automation. You can simply assemble and disassemble the wheel roller for easy portability.

4. The Xiaomi WalkingPad C1

xiaomi walking pad main picture

Xiaomi Walkingpad C1 has a well integrated alloy frame and 110kg load-bearing capacity, this makes the walking machine very durable and steady to use for people of any size.

Unlike the bulky treadmill machine, the walking pad only occupy 0.45m2 area of your room after folded, you can easily place it under the bed, sofa etc which makes it very easy to store.

The machine is shipped with a well designed mobile app that will help you track your fitness data in real time. The machine also comes with a remote control for easily controlling and keeping track of workout.

$379.99 on Gearbest

$499.99 on Banggood

5. Pure Steel Xiaomi Youpin Dumbbells – $349.99 on Banggood

xiaomi dumbbells home gym equipment

The Xiaomi Youpin Dumbbell is perfect for home gym workout, it has a pure steel material, a barbell and dumbbell dual function.

It can be adjusted to different weight specifications like 10kg, 15kg and 20kg. The product comes with a decompression foam, dumbbell bar, nuts and Rubber lining protection.

6. Best Adult Jump Rope – $9.99 on Gearbest

best jump rope home gym equipment

This is an adult steel jump rope that is said to have an increased speed and test bearing, it is finished with an Aluminum alloy material and measures 3m adjustable length.

The rope is applicable as a Fitness equipment, sports protective gear accessories, sports trends, sports outdoor bags, fitness and body building.

7. KALOAD Resistance Loop Bands – $10.99 on Banggood

resistance loop band home gym equipment

These resistance bands can be used for exercising the legs, arms, back, shoulders, ankles, hips and stomach. It can be integrated seamlessly with every popular workout programs including Yoga, Pilates, and more.

The Kaload resistance bands are made with superior quality that ensures your bands are easy on skin and free from defects and will provide you with a worry free experience.

8. Xiaomi Mini Cycling Stepper – $139.99 on Gearbest

xiaomi cycling stepper home gym equipment

This Xiaomi Cycling Stepper perfect for body shaping and it has silent build with less noise. It is the mini type which means it can be folded. Ideal for an office or home gym equipment.

The bottom of the stepper has an elastic rope which you can be use to effectively exercise your arms, shoulders and back at the same time.

The machine has four effects in one; It can help give you slim arms, charming vest line, peach hips, and beauty leg. It has an LCD smart meter for monitoring and recording the number of user movements and steps.


Home gym has a lot of importance especially both for the stay at home moms and the busy ones, exercising helps keep your body fit and also improves your thinking so it is advisable to always make out for workout.

With the above mentioned home gym equipment being put to adequate use, you’re sure to maintain a healthy lifestyle both physically and mentally.

You can also get more discounts on the products with Gearbest promo codes and Banggood coupon, there are also Jumia codes for people that want to buy these items on Jumia.

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