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45% of Europeans are Willing to Pay More For Same-day Delivery

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How many people will pay more for same-delivery in Europe and how much are they willing to pay for this service? A recent study by revealed that about 45% of the total 5,388 European participants agreed they will pay more for same-day delivery.

The survey saw participants from United Kingdom, Spain, Netherlands, Germany and France. People between the age of 18-29 are more eager to receive their order on the same day of placing the order as 54% of them agree they will pay more.

The elderly are more skeptical about this service, only 29% of the respondents between the age of 60 and above said they will pay more for this service.

More women than men are willing to pay whatever it may take to get their items delivered on the same day. Only 39% of the 2,251 male participants wants to pay more.

48% of 3,339 female respondents will gladly pay more for same-day delivery service, 51.4% said they will not.

How much extra are you willing to pay?

When asked how much they can pay for same-day delivery service, only 2% are willing to pay up to 21€ or even more. Most people wants to people only about 1€ to 5€ for this service as indicated by 36% of the total respondent.

33% of the total respondents are ready to pay 6€ to 10€ for this service.

Same-day delivery service is quickly becoming popular among online shoppers and the willingness to pay more indicates that many people are looking for the flexibility that fast home deliveries can create.

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